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Learn more about credit card fraud & phishing as well as how to protect yourself.

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Credit card fraud

Credit card fraud is when someone uses your card or card details to make purchases or transfer funds without authorisation.

How to avoid credit card fraud?

Do you have unauthorised purchases in your Pleo app? Learn more about what to do in the case of fraud.


Phishing is a form of scamming where the attackers use email, text messages or phone calls to trick you into giving them your personal or financial information (for example: passwords, account numbers, social security number, etc.)

How to avoid phishing?

  • Check the sender

    Attackers usually make it seem like they are contacting you from big organisations by making small changes to the email address (for example: instead of

  • Check for typos

    Poor spelling and grammar are often the first giveaways of a scam email

  • Don't open links or files

    In case you receive an unexpected message you are unsure about, make sure to never open any of the links or files

  • Never share your PINs or passcodes

    Trusted organisations will never ask you to provide these types of confidential information

  • Contact the sender

    If you are unsure if the message is real, contact the sender through their official contact details on their website.

Remember: We will never contact you to ask for your password, card information, or login verification codes. Please do not share this information with anyone and reach out to us at if you are unsure.

Did you receive a phishing email? Report it by contacting us at

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