When you make an ATM withdrawal, your Pocket balance will reflect the value of the cash withdrawn. It will show up as "Owed to company". You can work your way back to a zero balance by adding the purchases you make with this cash. There are however a couple of scenarios where a small difference can remain in your balance. Here's how to resolve these scenarios.

1. You've withdrawn cash in a foreign currency.

When you withdraw cash in a foreign currency, the amount will be converted as soon as your withdrawal is authorized (this usually happens within 24 hours). A problem exists when you add a purchase a couple of days after and the currency exchange rate has changed. This will leave you with a small difference at the end.

How to resolve the difference

The easiest way to go is to add another Pocket purchase with the small difference so your Pocket balance becomes zero. You can put "Conversion correction" as the place of purchase.

If the difference is in your favour, your admin can resolve it by settling the Pocket balance from the Pocket page in their admin view.

2. The ATM machine added a fee on top

If you tried to withdraw 50 EUR but it shows as 51 EUR in your Pocket, it's likely that the ATM machine added a fee as part of the transaction.

How to resolve the difference

You can simply add a 1 EUR expense to your Pocket and put "ATM fee" as the place of purchase.

3. You paid out of pocket in a foreign currency

Sometimes, your private bank charges you fees for paying in a foreign currency. If you add the purchase in the currency you made it in, you could end up not being reimbursed for the full amount.

How to resolve the difference

Instead of adding the purchase in the foreign amount, simply add the purchase in your local currency as it appeared on your bank statement. This way the fees from your private bank are included.

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