What to do if you've exceeded PIN attempts

If you have entered the wrong PIN code three times, your Pleo card will be blocked as a safety precaution. Before you can use it again, you need to reset your PIN attempts. 

Resetting your PIN attempts does not mean changing your PIN, instead it restores your PIN attempts back to 3.

Please note: The PIN code of your Pleo card is not the same as the 4-digit passcode which you use to login to Pleo.

For all other countries (excluding Denmark): Reset PIN attempts from the Pleo app and sync with an ATM

  1. Follow the steps for Denmark then continue from step 2 below.

  2. Feed your Pleo card into an ATM machine.

  3. Enter your correct Pleo PIN (e.g, view account balance); you do not need to withdraw funds.

  4. Your PIN attempts are now reset, and you can use your card as you normally would.

For Denmark: Reset PIN attempts from the Pleo app

  1. Open the Pleo app on your phone and go to Account (the icon in the bottom right-hand corner). Click on Security:

Click on Card PIN

  1. Click Reset PIN attempts


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