If you have entered the wrong PIN number three times, your Pleo card will be blocked as a safety precaution.  

How to: Reset PIN tries from the Pleo app

  1. Open the Pleo app on your phone and go to the Account tab
  2. Under Security, tap on Card PIN, followed by Reset PIN attempts
  3. Verify your identify by entering your passcode or using your fingerprint/face

Note: If you have a U.K., Swedish or German Pleo card, you need to visit an ATM and synchronise the PIN with the ATM's PIN services before you can use the card again. 

If you have a Danish Pleo card you don't need to go to an ATM, as your card will update automatically with the next in-store purchase you make in Denmark. However, if you are currently traveling outside of Denmark with your Danish Pleo card, we recommend visiting an ATM to ensure the PIN updates correctly.  

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