If you have entered the wrong PIN code three times, your Pleo card will be blocked as a safety precaution.  Before you can use it again, you need to reset your PIN attempts. 

Resetting your PIN attempts does not mean changing your PIN, instead it brings your PIN attempts back to 0, giving you the chance to view your PIN in the Pleo app and enter it in order to complete the purchase.

Reset PIN attempts from the Pleo app

  1. Open the Pleo app on your phone and go to the Account tab

  2. Under Security, tap on Card PIN, followed by Reset PIN attempts

  3. Verify your identify by entering your passcode, or using your fingerprint/face

If you have a Danish Pleo card, your PIN attempts will be reset after step no. 3, and your card will automatically update on your next in-store purchase in Denmark. If you are travelling outside of Denmark at the time of resetting your PIN attempts, you need to synchronise your card by using the PIN services at an ATM.

Customers from all other countries need to synchronise their PINs with the PIN services from an ATM before being able to use their cards again. 

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