Declined payment troubleshooting

Email received?

Declined by Pleo

These are the most common reasons for Pleo to decline your payment:

  • Insufficient funds
    There were not enough funds available in the Wallet for the payment. Only admins can top-up the Pleo Wallet. If you are not an admin, reach out to your admin to let them know.

  • Blocked card
    1. Be sure your card is activated
    2. Confirm your card is not frozen
    3. If you have exceeded your 3 Pin attempts, Reset PIN code

  • Limit exceeded
    You have exceeded your daily or monthly spending limit with Pleo. View your limits in Pleo and request a spending limit increase to proceed with your purchase.

  • Incorrect PIN used
    You can view your PIN code at any time in the Pleo app. Remember: The PIN code for your Pleo card is different from the passcode you use to login.

Declined by the merchant

There are a few things you can try if your payment has been rejected by the merchant:

  • If you tried to pay by tapping the card, try to pay by inserting the card in the payment terminal and entering your PIN code.
  • Add you Pleo card to your digital wallet and try paying through your Apple Wallet or Google Pay
  • If you tried paying with Apple Wallet or Google Pay, try re-adding the card to your digital wallet
  • Reach out to the merchant for more information.

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