Set spending limits

This article is intended for Admins. View Find my Spending limit to learn more about spending limits if you're not an admin. 

Default spending limits

These limits will apply to all new cardholders added to your Pleo account.

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Click on General
  3. Click on Card defaults
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions


Set spending limits

Individual spending limits

  1. Navigate to People
  2. Select the cardholder
  3. Click on Limits 

Types of Limits

  • Card Limit
    Amount someone can spend before the card gets frozen, either monthly or in total. The card will be frozen once the total amount has been reached or exceeded.
    This limit is a soft limit - the user can go over the limit 1 time before transactions will be declined.

  • Per purchase limit
    Amount someone can spend per purchase, if the purchase exceeds the limit the transaction will be declined.

  • Temporary limit
    Temporary higher limit in case someone needs to spend more than usual. When the set period is over the limit will be reverted.

Requests for increased limit

Users can request a temporary limit increase, review and access the request:

  1. You receive an email notification of the request
  2. Navigate to People
  3. Open the requests inbox
  4. Approve or Declined the request

The user will receive a notification once the request has been reviewed.

Unfreeze card when limit is reached

To unfreeze cards, the spending limit for the individual needs to be increased. You can either increase the card limit or set a temporary limit.

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