With Sub-wallets you can create separate wallets that can be only be used for specific purposes. You can for example create a Sub-wallet for advertising, so you are sure the  budget in the Sub-wallet can only be used for advertising. 


How does it work? 

Sub-wallets are part of the main Pleo wallet, but have specific vendor card(s) or employees assigned to them that can use the funds. A vendor card or employee can only be assigned to one wallet - either the main wallet or a Sub-wallet, to make sure purchases are deducted from the right balance.


When assigning an employee to a sub-wallet, all of the employee’s personal cards will be assigned to the sub-wallet.
For example, if the employee has both a physical and a virtual card, spend made on both cards will be deducted from the sub-wallet. It is not possible at the moment to assign a user’s personal cards to separate wallets.

  • If a purchase is made with any of the assigned cards the purchase amount will be deducted from the sub-wallet

  • If a purchase is made with one of the cards assigned to the sub-wallet, but the purchase amount is higher than the available balance in the Sub-wallet, the purchase will be declined due to insufficient funds.

Good to know:

  • There is limit of 5 Sub-wallets per company

  • Creating Sub-wallets is free


Using Sub-wallets

Creating a Sub-wallet:

  1. Log in to your Pleo account

  2. Go to the Wallet page and you will see a Sub-wallet banner

  3. Click on the banner and follow the steps to create it



  • Sub-wallets are currently only available to Beta testers, you'll not see the Sub-wallet banner if you are not part of the test

  • Admins and bookkeepers are able to create Sub-wallets

Moving funds to Sub-wallet:

  1. Click on the Sub-wallet

  2. Click on “Move money

  3. Fill in the amount you wish to move and then click on “Move money


Note: At the moment, it is only possible to move funds from the main wallet to a Sub-wallet and back. To move funds between Sub-wallets, you first have to move them back to the main wallet and then to another Sub-wallet.

Assigning cards to a Sub-wallet:

  1. Click on the Sub-wallet

  2. Click on “Add a card” 

  3. Select the card you wish to add

Deleting a Sub-wallet:

  1. Go to your Pleo Wallet

  2. Click on the Sub-wallet you wish to delete

  3. Scroll to top right corner and click on “…”, you will see the “Delete” option and you can click on that to delete that Sub-wallet.

Note: Once you delete a Sub-wallet, the remaining funds in the Sub-wallet will be automatically transferred to the main wallet, and the cards associated with the Sub-wallet will be reassigned to the main wallet.

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