We've been there - you make an expense with your Pleo card by mistake, or maybe you don't realise your Pleo card is connected to the payment until after you make it - It happens!

In these cases, Pleo has a solution. If your company uses Pleo Pocket, when this happens you can mark the expense as 'personal' in Pleo. This automatically adjusts your Pocket balance with the amount of the purchase.

You can mark any expense made on your virtual or plastic card as personal in the Pleo mobile app. Pocket expenses however, can simply be deleted!

To mark your expense as personal, please head to the Pleo mobile app:

  1. Click on the expense

  2. Select the triple dot menu in the top right

  3. Select "Mark as personal purchase"

Information useful for Admins

Only the cardholder can mark as expense as personal from their mobile app, Admin's cannot mark other cardholder's expenses as personal. And expenses marked as 'personal' will still be exported to your accounting system.

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