How to mark an expense as personal

Oops! You made a private expense on your Pleo card

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We've been there - you make an expense with your Pleo card by mistake, or maybe you don't realise your Pleo card is connected to the payment until after you make it. It happens!

If your company uses Pleo Reimbursements you can mark the expense as 'personal' in Pleo. This automatically adjusts your employee balance with the amount of the purchase.

You can mark any expense made on your virtual or plastic card as personal in the Pleo mobile app. out-of-pocket expense, however, can simply be deleted.

How to register a personal expense

  1. Open the mobile app and click on the expense

  2. Select the triple dot menu in the top right

  3. Select "Mark as personal purchase".

What if "This expense has already been processed"

If your card expense has already been exported, it's not possible to mark it as personal. If this happens, just reach out to a reviewer or admin to let them know. The options are:

  1. Your Pleo admin (or a bookkeeper) reaches out to Pleo's support team to ask us to un-export your expense. This will let you mark it as personal. Once that's done, the admin or bookkeeper can export it again.


  2. Your Pleo admin (or bookkeeper) will figure out another way to resolve the difference outside of Pleo. This is also the solution if your company does not use Reimbursements.

Can admins or bookkeepers mark an expense as personal?

Only the cardholder can mark an expense as personal via the mobile app; admins and bookkeeper cannot do this on behalf of cardholders in the organisation. It is, however, possible to mark an expense as "Not okay" and leave a note requesting that the cardholder marks it as personal. Expenses marked as "personal" will still be exported to your accounting system.

Is it possible for employees to pay employers back via Pleo?

It's not possible for employees to refund their employers for personal expenses via the Pleo app. We instead recommend either 1) waiting to balance out the personal expense with a out-of-pocket expense (if your organisation uses Reimbursements) or 2) settling the balance outside of Pleo (e.g., payroll deduction).

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