You are able to process and export all company expenses from Pleo by following these steps

  • First, make sure you have set up the integration with your accounting system prior to exporting. If you have not done this, you can do it on the Settings page.

  • Then select Export

  • Move expenses from Unexported to the Export queue when you are confident everything is correct

  • Click on Export to export all selected expenses


  • Only presentments are subject to being processed and the expenses will be exported according to the date of presentment.

  • We help you preselecting expenses for a faster process. If the expenses have an account number, a receipt and have been reviewed these will be pre-selected.

  • When expenses are moved from Unexported to the Export queue, they are locked and cannot be changed by anyone unless you take it back to Unexported. Once exported, the expense will stay locked.

  • You can re-export expenses that have been exported previously

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