In order to directly export Pleo expenses to your accounting system, you already have one account number set up. With Pocket we introduce 2 more accounts:

  • The Pocket account. This is the account that will represent the balance between the company and all its employees.

  • The default reimbursement account. This is a temporary account number for reimbursements and cash returns that we assign by default.

Step 1: create the Pocket accounts

  1. In the Pleo web app, go to your Accounting settings

  2. Find the Pocket setup banner

  3. Follow the steps and input the numbers of the accounts

If you are using an integration to Xero or Quickbooks: the setting up is easy as when you enable it - the pocket accounts are created automatically

If you are using any of the CSV formats, you will need to hop into your chart of accounts and create the two new accounts.

Step 2: Export Pocket transactions and reimbursements

There are two type of entries to be aware of with pocket. First the actual expense will be categorised like your other expenses. Instead of spending from the Wallet Account, it will spend from the Pocket account. Here is an example from the view in Xero:

The second one is the reimbursement to the employee. You will be able to export this reimbursement as a transaction from your Reimbursement account to your Pocket account. Below you can see what the flow looks like.

Reimbursing in Pleo

To settle the balance in Pleo:

  • Click on Pocket

  • Click on the name of the person you want to reimburse

  • Click on Settle balance

  • In here you will be able to choose the amount to reimburse, the method and add a note. Once this is marked as settled, your reimbursement will pop up as a transaction and be exportable to your accounting system.

Exporting the reimbursement to your accounting

To export the reimbursement to your accounting system:

  • Click on Export

  • Select the reimbursement transaction you wish to export

  • Add it to the Export Queue

  • Go to your Export Queue (in the top middle) and click on Export

You have now exported this transaction. It will show up as a positive balance on your Pleo Pocket account and you can match it with the actual reimbursement (bank transfer, payroll or cash handout) that was made.

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