Please note that the personal limits of a user outlined in this article are only applicable to the Pro and Premium Plan. For more information about the plans please have a look here:

When using Pleo, all card holders draw from a central pool account, the Pleo wallet. This means you don't have to worry about allocating funds to individual cards as long as the company wallet is funded.

To maintain control over a member's spending, you can set limits on the members. To set spending limits, follow these steps:

  • Click on People, on the main menu
  • Hover over a member's name
  • Click the blue Edit button that appears on the right
  • On this pop-up window, you can set and amend the spending limits for this member. 

You can set two types of spending limits:

  • Monthly/Total spending limits is a cap on the amount a user can purchase for.
    This is a "soft limit" meaning that if the amount of the previous transaction is under this limit, the next transaction will go through, even if it exceeds the limit.
  • Limits per purchase, as the name suggests, refers to setting a limit on any given single purchase. This means that any transaction(s) over this limit is automatically declined.


  • All cards (physical and/or virtual) that belong to a member are disabled when limits are reached.
  • Cards with monthly spending limits are re-enabled at the beginning of each calendar month.
  • Cards with total spending limits are re-enabled if the spending limits are increased or reset manually by an administrator or manager. 

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