When using Pleo, all card expenses draw from a central pool account—the Wallet. So as long as there's money in the company Wallet, everyone can use your Pleo cards. That said, some of our customers like to set spending limits to help people stay within a budget. It's always possible to adjust anyone's limits if larger purchases become more common or if total expenses increase.

This article explains:

  • Who can set and adjust spending limits

  • How to set and adjust spending limits

  • How cardholders can view their limits

Who can set spending limits?

Spending limits are available to our customers on paid plans.

The user roles that can set spending limits are:

  • Admins

  • Bookkeepers (with extended access)

  • Reviewers (only for the people on their team)

How to set and adjust spending limits

  1. Click on "People."

  2. Click on the name of a cardholder.

  3. Click on "Limits." This is where you can change the monthly and/or per-purchase limit:

You can set two types of spending limits:

  • Card limit: This can be either a "monthly" (calendar month) or "total" (calendar year). This is a "soft" limit, meaning that it's only possible to go over once before the cards are disabled.

    Let's say my monthly limit is 500 pounds per month and I've already spent 450. If I try to spend 51 pounds, it will work even though I've exceeded my monthly limit by 1 pound.

    The logic here is that you don't want limits to inconvenience people who need to use their cards. If someone is consistently overshooting their monthly limit, you can always have a chat with them and/or adjust their per purchase limit.

  • Limit per purchase: This refers to any single purchase. This is a "hard" limit, meaning that any payment over this amount is automatically declined.

All cards (physical and/or virtual) are disabled when limits are reached. Cards with monthly spending limits are re-enabled at the beginning of each calendar month. Cards with total spending limits are re-enabled if the spending limits can be increased or reset manually.

How cardholders can view their limits

If you have a Pleo card, here's how you can check if you have set spending limits.

In the mobile app:

  1. Go to "My cards" by clicking the icon in the bottom left corner.

  2. Click on "View limits."

In the web app:

  1. Click on "My cards."

  2. Any limits will be automatically visible.

If you would like to see more on limits from an Employee perspective, check out this article on spending limits.

Can't see the limits option?

Find out if your pricing plan gives you access to this feature:

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