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Need to request a refund for a fraudulent transaction? Learn more about how to report fraud.

If you have used your Pleo card to pay for goods/services that were never received, incomplete or incorrect, Pleo can assist you in getting a refund through a Mastercard chargeback. It is important that you have followed these steps:

  1. Reach out to the merchant
    Request the merchant to issue a refund, preferably through email or chat to be able to share the communication in case a chargeback is required.

  2. Get in touch with Pleo
    If the merchant doesn't respond or refuses to issue the refund, the card holder or admin can reach out to Pleo with the proof of communication at hand within 90 days of the transaction.

  3. Fill in the chargeback form shared by Support
    When you get in contact with our support team, they will share a link to the chargeback form. You will need to fill in the form to start the chargeback process with Mastercard.

  4. Keep an eye on your inbox
    In some cases, Support will reach out to you for more information on the case, be sure to reply with the requested information within the given time frame otherwise the chargeback case will be lost. 

Possible outcomes:

Once a chargeback case has been raised, Mastercard will decide on the outcome of the case:

  • The merchant doesn't respond to the dispute or doesn't have a strong claim, you will be refunded
  • The merchant provides proof, you may be required to provide additional proof
  • The merchant has a stronger claim, you lose the right to the money. In this case Pleo also applies a 20 GBP processing fee. 

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