Configuring the NetSuite integration

Within the NetSuite integration you'll have the flexibility to configure the integration to your preferences so it suits your needs. These are the configurations you can make:

Remember to click on “Save Configuration” after making any changes

Upload receipts

  • Check the box for uploading receipts if you would like your receipts to be uploaded from your Pleo account into NetSuite. You can find your receipts here:

    • Documents > File Cabinet under Pleo > Receipts.

    • Under the subtab Pleo within a Journal Entry

  • If you decide not to upload your receipts to NetSuite, your receipts will have a URL to the expense on Pleo.

Bypass transaction date

Check the box for bypassing the transaction date if you would like the journals to be created with today's date (regardless of the transaction date). You have this possibility to import transactions from Pleo where the original transaction date is within a locked accounting period.

NOTE: Use with caution - using this option will mean it will not be possible to match balances between Pleo and NetSuite on dates in the past. Other reports may be needed to be reconcile accounts.

Schedule export run

After you trigger an export, Suiteapp will process the information every 15 minutes, or according to the timeframe set by the user in the configuration.

You can also click on "Check now" under Manual Data Request to trigger a job immediately.

Populate tax code

Check the populate tax code to populate the tax code on the same journal line instead of a separate journal line.

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