How to connect Pleo and Zapier


If you'd like to connect Pleo and Zapier, you'll need:

Why connect Pleo and Zapier?

Some examples that our very own customers have shared include:

  • To sync Pleo with instant messaging programs like Slack or Teams:

Some Pleo admins would appreciate getting an extra nudge outside of Pleo when someone spends more than a certain amount of money, when a receipt is missing, etc. There are a multitude of possibilities, depending what kind of notifications you'd like to set up.

  • To sync Pleo with human resource software like Personio

Every time a new employee joins, Zapier can help send their info from a given accounting system to Pleo. On a similar vein, it's also possible to trigger an action (e.g., deleting an account) in Pleo when an employee leaves the company.

  • To sync Pleo with certain accounting tools that are accessible through Zapier

You can export expenses to all Zapier apps that include the option to import the respective Pleo data. While there are some accounting systems on Zapier, it's a good idea to look at what they offer in advance. For example, Xero does not offer this functionality through Zapier, so it's better to use Pleo's custom-built integration for exporting expenses to Xero.

How to connect Pleo and Zapier

  1. Log into the Pleo web app and go to the Open API page.

  2. Click on "Create token" in the top right corner. The token is only displayed once, so it's important to copy and save it in a secure location:

  3. Log into Zapier.

  4. Click "Create Zap":

  5. Add Pleo as a zap.

  6. Paste in the Pleo API token that you saved earlier, and paste it into this field:

  7. Click "Yes, Continue" to give Zapier access to your Pleo account.


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