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This article explain the benefits of Pleo for different types of users; employees, admins, and bookkeepers. It also includes examples of what the Pleo app looks like for the respective user roles. "Reviewer" is an additional layer that can apply to any of the three user roles, so the article also shows what the app looks like for someone who's a designated reviewer.


The benefits:

  • Use virtual and/or plastic cards to make business expense payments (including Apple Pay and Google Pay)

  • Use Fetch for automatic email receipt collection

  • Submit out-of-pocket expenses (including mileage claims) and reimburse yourself through the Pleo mobile app

  • Serve as a designated reviewer for expenses submitted by your team/for a project you're running

An example of the web app view for an employee:

An example of the mobile app view for an employee:

Do you have an employee role in Pleo? Wondering how to get started? This is for you.


Congrats you're officially the big cheese, head honcho, the gaffer! The admin has the power to do pretty much anything you need in Pleo. The person who signed up for the Pleo account will automatically be assigned the role of admin. This can be changed later on if needed (only by another admin).

All the benefits an employee has, plus:

  • A complete overview of all company expenses

  • Wallet and subscription handling

  • User role control (under the People page)

  • Ordering and blocking cards

  • Setting and adjusting spending limits

  • Accounting integrations and expenses export

  • Paying Invoices

  • Analytics data

An example of the web app view for an admin:

An example of the mobile app view for an admin:

Are you an admin who's new to Pleo? Here's three key tasks for admins.


A bookkeeper can be invited by an admin. There are two general access levels: limited and extended. Go to the "My account" section of the web app to view your access (limited bookkeepers will see their job title as "bookkeeper", extended will see "extended bookkeeper"). Please note that the mobile app is not currently available for bookkeepers.

Benefits of the limited access bookkeeper:

  • View and edit expenses

  • View invoices (but not pay them)

  • Edit accounting settings

  • Export expenses

  • Settle out-of-pocket expenses (enabled by default, but can be disabled)

  • Move funds via the Pleo Wallet (disabled by default, can be enabled)

Benefits of the extended bookkeeper role (all the benefits of limited, plus):

  • Add and edit users

  • View invoices (but not pay them)

  • Set and edit spending limits

  • Access to top-up the Wallet

  • Order cards

  • Set Team reviewers and thresholds

Please note that partner bookkeepers in the UK are able to pay invoices on behalf of their clients, provided that permission has been granted.

The Pleo app overview looks quite similar for both access levels. However, limited access bookkeepers won't see the "People" page (unless they are also reviewers). You'll know whether you have additional permission enabled depending on whether you can:

  1. Approve out-of-pocket expenses

  2. See the withdraw button/auto top-up button (not applicable to UK) on the Wallet page

What the web app looks like for extended bookkeepers (and basic bookkeepers with the reviewer option enabled):

Are you an external bookkeeper who's new to Pleo? Here are three key bookkeeping tasks to get started with.


The reviewer role is a supplementary role to any of the main three. This involves reviewing expenses set to a certain threshold within a team. Reviewers can also set and control spending limits, block and unblock cards.

What the web app looks like for employee reviewers:

What the mobile app looks like for employee reviewers:

What the web app looks like for admin reviewers:

What the mobile app looks like for admin reviewers:

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