With Pleo, you can have one virtual card and one physical card assigned per user. Here is a guide on how they work.

A Pleo virtual card works just like any other payment card, but it is only accessible electronically and we recommend using them for online purchases.

When an employee is invited to Pleo, they can unlock the virtual card from the My cards menu. This can be accessed from the Pleo web or the mobile app at any time by entering the selected 4-digit passcode

Virtual cards are safe and handy, making them a great solution for online purchases and recurring online subscriptions.

Pleo plastic cards can be used for company related in-store purchases, as well as online payments. They work just like all other payment cards, and can be used contactless or with chip&PIN.

When you receive your plastic card, you can pair the card by going to the My cards menu. If you don't have a plastic card, the Pleo admin at your company can order the cards for you.

It must be noted that for online purchases, virtual and plastic cards are not mutually exclusive, i.e. one may also use their plastic card for all online transactions, if necessary. Plastic cards are particularly helpful when making online payments where further verification or proof of payment method is required, like hotel reservations or airline tickets.

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