How to order plastic Pleo cards
Learn how to get every admin and employee their very own Pleo card.
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Virtual cards are great and are used/accepted almost everywhere. However, sometimes you'll need a plastic card for a variety of reasons.

In this article we will cover:

  • How to order your plastic Pleo card

  • The expected delivery time for your card

How to order your plastic Pleo card

As a Pleo admin or extended access bookkeeper, you can order cards by following these steps:

  1. Click on People in the main menu.

  2. Choose Plastic Cards in the top.

  3. In the top right corner you will find the Order cards button.

  4. Select who needs a card.

  5. Fill the names of the cardholders.

  6. Click on Continue.

  7. Check if the company name and address are correct.

  8. Click on Confirm Order.

Good to know: You can order one Plastic card per user. A new card order will only be possible if the number of members added on the "People" page exceeds the amount of previously ordered cards or if a card has been destroyed.

The expected delivery time for your card

Your card order will be registered in our system as soon as you place it. We recommend ordering new Pleo cards as soon as possible, as delivery takes several business days.

On average our card are delivered in 5 business days but below is a more detailed breakdown for each country.

  • United Kingdom: 5-6 business days

  • Ireland: 5-7 business days

  • Germany: 5-7 business days

  • Denmark: 5 -7 business days

  • Sweden: 3-4 business days

  • Norway: 5-7 business days

  • Spain: 5-7 business days

  • Netherlands: 6 business days

  • France: 3-6 business days

  • Finland: 5-7 business days

  • Austria: 5-7 business days

  • Belgium: 5-7 business days

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