You can invite as many external bookkeepers as you want at no additional cost. Bookkeepers just don't have access to Pleo cards.

How to grant bookkeeper access

  1. Head to People

  2. Click Add member in the top-right

  3. Select External Bookkeeper? Give them access

  4. Choose the access level

  5. Enter the bookkeeper's details

  6. Your bookkeeper will receive an email inviting them to join your company

Limited access lets your external bookkeeper:

  • View and edit expenses

  • Edit accounting settings

  • Export expenses

Extended access includes everything that limited access gives, plus the ability to:

  • Invite and delete people from the Pleo account

  • Set and control spending limits

  • Access the Wallet page and view regular top-up info (see below for additional auto top-up permission)

Additional bookkeeper permissions

By default, bookkeepers (even those with extended access) cannot settle Pocket expenses, withdraw funds from the Wallet back to the company bank account, set up direct debits or enable auto-top* up. But admins can always change this and give a bookkeeper access to one or both features. Here's how:

  1. Go to the People page

  2. Click the Bookkeeper role in the dropdown and click Apply:

3. Click on a bookkeeper

4. Tick the boxes to enable or disable the additional permissions:

Want to change a bookkeeper's access level?

Click on the Change button underlined in the above image.

*Auto top-up is not available for our UK customers.

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