Please note that the invitation of a bookkeeper as outlined in this article is only applicable to the Pro and Premium Plan. For more information about the plans please have a look here:

How does one grant bookkeeper access:

  1. Head to the People menu
  2. Click the Add member button on the top-right corner
  3. Select External Bookkeeper? Give them access and enter their details
  4. Choose the access type for the user
  5. Your bookkeeper/accountant will receive an email inviting them to join your company in Pleo

The External Bookkeeper feature gives your bookkeeper or accountant access to certain functions such as:  

  • Real-time expense tracking across the company
  • Management of custom categories to mirror your chart of accounts and respective tax codes
  • Enabling integrations with accounting systems and exporting
  • Attaching digital receipts 
  • Topping up your company's Pleo wallet

You can choose between granting them limited or extended rights.

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