Please note that the invitation of a bookkeeper as outlined in this article is only applicable to the Pro and Premium Plan. For more information about the plans please have a look here.

How to grant bookkeeper access

  1. Head People

  2. Click Add member in the top-right

  3. Select External Bookkeeper? Give them access and enter their details

  4. Choose the access type

  5. Your bookkeeper will receive an email inviting them to join your company

The External Bookkeeper feature gives your bookkeeper or accountant access to certain functions such as:  

  • Real-time expense tracking across the company

  • Management of custom categories to mirror your chart of accounts and respective tax codes

  • Enabling integrations with accounting systems and exporting

  • Attaching digital receipts 

  • Topping up your company's Pleo wallet

You can choose between granting them limited or extended rights.

You want to change the level of access?

Sometimes it may happen that the level of access of a bookkeeper needs to be changed.

To change the level of a bookkeeper, they must be removed and re-added to the account. To do this, simply:

  • Go to the menu People

  • Find bookkeeper and click either on the bin icon or on the pencil icon and then on "Revoke access"

  • Then the same bookkeeper can be re-invited with the desired access rights (see description on top)

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