Troubleshooting guide to NetSuite

Common issues

Here are some common issues and how you can solve them:


Suggested solution

Unable to access Pleo within Netsuite

Wait 10-15 minute for the installation / update process to complete.

Unable to view Transactions > Pleo > Dashboard

This is due to a lack of admin permissions. Request the user with admin right to continue the installations.

Unable to view the entire Chart of accounts

Map categories to NetSuite Internal ID by ggoing Chat of Accounts > View and grab the Netsuite Internal ID from the URL.

"Something wrong" at the time of triggering an export

Integration has not been enable for the company.

“Error: For this transaction to be in compliance with German GAAP, you must fill in field or all of the line Memo fields”

It's mandatory within NetSuite to fill out a "Memo"at the Journal Entry level.

“You have entered an Invalid Field Value X for the following field: location”

A Journal entry is posted with a tag value that is not allowed.

Export errors

Here are some common export errors and the reason for them:

Pleo error

What happened in NetSuite?

You have not provided an account for this expense. Please assign one and try again.

Expense does not have a NetSuite account associated to it

Tax is set on this expense but no NetSuite Tax Code has been assigned

The NetSuite Tax Code has not be assigned under Settings > Accounting > Tax Codes within Pleo

Unable to find posting account for Tax Code ####

When supplying the tax code id under Settings > Accounting > Tax Codes on Pleo, NetSuite could not find the associated posting account it belongs to

No sales tax account can be found with the tax code ####

If the Tax Code on the Pleo expense does not exist within the NetSuite account, this error is thrown. This is required when using the NetSuite “Tax Code ID” to find the posting account for this tax code when creating a transaction.

You have not provided a NetSuite Tax Code ID for this expense.

This error is thrown when a NetSuite Tax Code ID has not been provided for the expense. This code can be added by going to Pleo > Settings > Accounting > Tax codes and filling in the ‘code’ column for each tax entry.

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