Temporary Virtual Cards

Temporary virtual cards enable Reimbursement-only users to get temporary access to Pleo cards when needed, e.g. for business trips or one-off events. Predefined spending limits and validity periods add extra control to these cards.

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This feature is accessible as part of the Advanced subscription plan. See where you can adjust your plan here.

What is a Temporary Virtual Card?

Temporary virtual cards are designed to offer Reimbursement-only users on the Advanced plan an easy way of spending for the company when they need to, with the added control of predefined spending limits and validity periods.

  • Spending Limits

    • Total spend limit
      This defines the total budget on the card; once the total spend limit is reached the card will automatically be deactivated.

    • Per Purchase limit
      This means that, beyond the total spend limit for the card's lifespan, there can also be a limit on how much can be spent on each single transaction.

  • Validity period
    Admins can specify the start date and end date of the card's validity. After this period, the card will automatically be deactivated. This built-in deactivation feature makes it easy to provide an employee that normally doesn’t need to spend for the company, with a card for a temporary period of time.

    • Note: the maximum lifespan of the temporary virtual card is 45 days

Create a temporary virtual card

Admins and Extended Bookkeepers can create Temporary virtual cards for Reimbursement-only users in the People page:

  1. Go to People page and open the user's profile.

  2. Find Temporary virtual card and click Create card.

  3. Enter a Card limit, optional Per Purchase limit and Start- and End dates.

  4. Click Create card.

Good to know

  • The card will automatically show up in the user's mobile app.

  • The card is automatically deactivated when the spend limit or end date is reached.

  • After a Temporary virtual card has been deactivated, it can be activated again with a new limit and validity period; the card details are saved for next time.

Use a temporary virtual card

Users can access their temporary cards and details on the 'My Cards' page on the Start date. They can use it for online purchases, and also for in-store purchases by adding it to Apple/Google pay.

Temporary virtual cards work just like regular virtual cards, except that they are automatically deactivated when the spend limit or end date is reached.


  • I cannot find Temporary virtual cards in my account.
    Make sure that you are on the Advanced plan, and that the user you want to give a Temporary virtual card is a “Reimbursement-only” user.

  • I cannot set the validity period that I want.
    The time between the start- and end date can maximum be 45 days. If the user needs a card for a longer period than that, we recommend giving them a regular, permanent Pleo card.

  • My employees cannot request Temporary virtual cards
    For now, only Admins and Extended Bookkeepers can create Temporary virtual cards from the People page.

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