Getting started with Pleo: three steps for bookkeepers

Welcome to Pleo! Whether you're working independently or with a larger accountancy practice, here are three key steps to help your clients sync Pleo up with their books. This article explains:

Pre-requisite step: How to access your clients' accounts

As a bookkeeper, you'll be working primarily in the Pleo web app. Once you've been connected to a client, here's how you can access their Pleo account:

  • If you're working independently: click on your profile picture in the bottom left corner and switch between client accounts.

  • If you're working with one of Pleo's partner accountancies, go to the "Clients" page, click on the three dots next to a client's name, and click "Go to client".

How to connect Pleo to your client's accounting system

You know what sounds a bit stressful? Waiting months and months to account for Pleo expenses and then rushing through a backlog of card expenses to meet the deadline for closing the books. Instead, connect Pleo to an accounting system as soon as possible. That way, card expenses can be reconciled on an ongoing, stress-free basis.

  1. Go to the "Settings" page in Pleo.

  2. Click on "Accounting."

  3. Click on your client's accounting system in the list available.

How to set up categories

Categories in Pleo reflect your chart of accounts. When someone uses their Pleo card, they can choose a category Once set up it allows employees to assign a category that automatically aligns with your chart of accounts and pre-selected tax code. A good example of a category name might be "Food and drinks." To sync Categories with your accounting system:

  1. Go to the "Settings" page in Pleo.

  2. Click on "Accounting."

  3. Click on "Categories." You'll see that several Category groups are already listed. These are just a few generic examples that Pleo displays by default. It's up to you to add, edit, and delete Categories based on your needs.

  4. If you are connected to a specific accounting system: Click inside a Category field and select from the drop-down list (this is where you'll see all of the accounts that are automatically synced with your accounting system).

    If you're on the custom format option: You can choose to enter Categories manually or add them as a .csv file by clicking the "Export or import" button in the top right corner.

How to set up tags

Tags in Pleo reflect your tracking categories in Xero(Xero), offering another layer to help organise company spending. For example, if the Category was "Meals and drinks," the Tag might reflect the name of a project like "Portugal launch" for which refreshments had to be purchased for a specific event. To sync Tags with your accounting system:

  1. Go to the "Settings" page in Pleo.

  2. Click on "Accounting."

  3. Click on "Tags."

  4. Click on "Create tag group" in the top right corner.

  5. Import your tags in file format or directly from your accounting system.

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