In addition to paying for in-store and subscription charges, we know that a huge chunk of your spending involves paying invoices. Enter Pleo Invoices (formerly Pleo Bills). This article covers:

  • Why use Pleo Invoices?

  • How to get started

  • How it works

  • Managing and paying invoices

  • How invoices work with your accounting integration

  • What should be included in an invoice

Why use Pleo Invoices?

  • Upload invoices directly into Pleo (using either the web or mobile app) or forward them via email.

  • Admins approve every invoice before they're paid with funds from your Pleo Wallet.

  • Export your invoices - along with other Pleo expenses - to your accounting system (Xero, Quickbooks, DATEV Unternehmen online, and more).

How to get started

This functionality is currently available in the UK and Germany.

  1. Click on "Invoices" within the main menu.

  2. Select "enable invoices" to generate a forwarding email.

  3. You'll then see an email (like the one circled below) that you can share with your colleagues so that they can forward invoices to Pleo:

  4. Your colleagues will also be able to upload an invoice using Pleo's mobile app. Simply click the plus icon in the top right corner, then follow the on-screen instructions:

How it works

  • Pleo scans the uploaded (or email forwarded) invoice.

  • The invoice will now be in the invoices inbox ready to be approved and paid.

  • If any information is missing from the invoice (e.g., due date), then the Pleo admin will be prompted to fill that out so that the invoice is moved to the scheduled queue.

Managing and paying invoices

  1. As an admin, you can go to your invoices inbox and select the invoice you wish to review and pay. Bookkeepers (with extended access) can view invoices, but only admins can pay them. The only exception is if you're a partner bookkeeper, in which case clients can grant your access to pay invoices on their behalf.

  2. From here you can view both the invoice PDF (left) and the payment details (right) simultaneously.

3. There are three stages to paying an invoice:

  • Processed: Uploaded and information populated

  • Awaiting Approval: After viewing the details you can approve or reject the invoice

  • Ready for payment: Once approve and set the payment date and click 'Pay'

4. The expense will now sit in the scheduled tab in your invoices page

5. Once the expense is paid the funds will be taken from your Pleo wallet. An invoice that is scheduled for a specific date will get paid at 1 PM (UK time) on the day. If an invoice is set up to be "paid now," it will be paid immediately.

How invoices work with your accounting integration

Right now, Invoices integrate with Xero, Quickbooks, and DATEV Unternehmen Online. Invoices are also compatible with Pleo's Sage 50 integration as well as our custom and generic export format.

  • Once an invoice has been uploaded, it will automatically end up in the Unexported queue.

  • Once you move an invoice to the Export queue, it will be locked.

  • Once Exported, the invoice will be fully synced with the aforementioned accounting systems.

What should be included on an invoice

Please check out this article before sending invoices to Pleo.

Any questions?

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