Pleo’s pretty good at handling your business expenses with our cards, but we know that for a lot of you, a huge chunk of your spending involves invoices so that is why we now have Pleo Bills.

Note: Right now, Bills integrates with Xero and Quickbooks - plus we're compatible with Sage 50 and offer custom and generic CSV exports.

Why use Pleo Bills?

🎉 You can now manage, bookkeep and pay your bills in the Pleo web-app

🎉 Forward or upload your invoice directly into Pleo

🎉 Simplified approval flow (admin only) and payment from the wallet

🎉 Integrated bookkeeping flow / synchronisation to Xero and Quickbooks and compatible with Sage50, custom and generic CSV exports

🎉 Export your bills from the export dashboard, together with your other expenses

Great! How can I get set up?

  1. Click on Bills tab on the main menu

  2. Select 'enable bills' and this will generate a forwarding email

  3. Copy this email and share with your colleagues. Done!

How it works:

• Using the designated email, employees will now be able to forward their invoices for payment or as an admin you will be able to upload manually

• Pleo will scan and read the uploaded/forwarded invoice (this may take a couple of minutes)

• The invoice will now be in the bills inbox ready to be approved and paid.

• If Pleo was not able to read everything on the bill, we may be missing some information – like the bill owner, due date, amount of supplier. The admin will be prompted to fill in anything that’s not there and then the bill can move to the next step

How do I pay my bills?

  1. As an admin you can go to your bills inbox and select the invoice you wish to review and pay.

  2. From here you can view both the invoice pdf (left) and the payment details (right) simultaneously

3. There are three stages to paying an expense:

  • Processed: Uploaded and information populated

  • Awaiting Approval: After viewing the details you can approve or reject the bill

  • Ready for payment: Once approve and set the payment date and click 'Pay'

4. The expense will now sit in the scheduled tab in your billing page

5. Once the expense is paid the funds will be taken from your Pleo wallet.

How does it work with my bookkeeping?

Right now, Bills integrates with Xero and Quickbooks - plus we're compatible with Sage 50 and offer custom and generic CSV exports to make bookkeeping faster and more convenient for finance teams. They can account for every bill, even before it’s approved or paid.

Here is how to:

  1. Once you open an uploaded invoice you can scroll on the detail section and apply an account number and tax code to categorise the payment like any other expense

2. Click 'Add to export queue' and the details of the expense will lock.

3. The bill is now synced with Xero or Quickbooks (or another accounting system) and will be visible in the accounting system and the payment status is synchronised automatically.

4. The payment will be visible in the export dashboard for your finance or bookkeeping teams.

Have some more questions? Please contact our support team at or open up the chat on the bottom right.

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