How to invite and delete users in Pleo
Learn how to invite employees and external bookkeepers to your organisation's Pleo account
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How to invite employees to Pleo

  1. Log in to the web app

  2. Head to People

  3. Click Add member (in the top right-hand corner)

  4. Enter email addresses one at a time or click Add many to paste in a list of emails.

  5. Click Invite to Pleo.

Good to know:

  • Tick the Reimbursement only box for anyone who should have access to Pocket expenses but not Pleo cards.

  • By default, anyone you invite via the above-listed steps will have the employee role in Pleo. It's possible to change an employee to an admin later.

  • Want to invite an external bookkeeper? After clicking Add member, click on the text that says Give them access. Learn more here.

  • If the invitation fails, double check that there are no extra spaces at either end of the e-mail address(es). Still no luck? The e-mail could already be registered with Pleo on another account. If so, you can use an alias email address or look into getting your company on a multi-entity Pleo agreement.

How to delete users (employees, bookkeepers, and other admins)

  1. Log in to the web app

  2. Head to People

  3. Click on the member you wish to delete, and in the side bar select the three dots (in the top right-hand corner)

  4. Click Delete member

  5. Click Delete to confirm

Good to know:

  • Deleting users will permanently destroy their virtual and plastic cards and remove their access to Pleo. This action is irreversible.

  • Even when someone is deleted, you can still access their expense history by going to Expenses and entering their name or email in the search field.

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