How to create teams, reviewers and review expenses

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Creating teams and setting up reviewers

Create teams and set up an expense review process with team review and company review.

Our multi-step review process allows you to set up two different review processes from two different areas of the business. These reviewers can approve, request further details, and disprove expenses allowing you to feel in control of your company's spending.

Team reviewers

Creating teams is useful if you would like to separate different members into relevant departments and to review team expenses within Pleo.

As an Admin or a Bookkeeper with extended access, you can set up a threshold which triggers a review process for any expense that falls within that threshold. The flagged expense will be highlighted for the reviewer of that particular team to assess.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to People on the left hand menu from the Pleo web app.

  2. Click on Teams.

  3. Click Create team. When creating teams you can assign a name and code.

  4. Click Add reviewer and assign one or more to view and approve teams expenses. Reviewers can also set and control spending limits, block and unblock cards. 

  5. Choose minimum and maximum review limits for card and out-of-pocket expenses. These are your review thresholds.

  6. You can set up different thresholds per reviewer if needed. In the example below, Angela is the reviewer for all expenses up to 99 GBP and Adam reviews everything above 100 GBP.

Company reviewers

An Admin or any Bookkeeper can set up a threshold for the company reviewers. This will trigger a review process for any expense that falls within that threshold. These flagged expenses will be highlighted for the company reviewer to assess. Company review works alongside Team review to give your company a multi-step review process.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings on the left hand menu.

  2. Click Review.

  3. At the top of the page turn on the company review switch.

  4. Below, set your company review threshold for all expenses.

  5. Then, add your company reviewers from the dropdown.

How to review expenses

With the multi-step review process, reviewing has never been so easy. Now you can manage the expenses that may need special attention.

First, you'll need to head to Expenses then select the Review tab.

From here, a reviewer can mark an expense from the list as OK, Not OK or Needs details.

Good to know: You can mark up to 25 expenses as OK at the same time, by selecting them and clicking OK.

If an expense is marked as Not OK, a push notification is automatically sent to that member to take the necessary action. If you have Reimbursements set up, the team member can choose to mark this expense as "personal", which will deduct the amount from their employee balance.

If a member's expense is marked as Needs details, the member will receive a notification to add the requested details and hit 'Done'. The reviewer will then be able to finalise the review of the expenses.


  • The process is the same for team reviewers and company reviewers. However, as a company reviewer you’ll be able to view the review status of a card expense right on the export page as well as the expense page. For out-of-pocket expenses, company reviewers can only review from the Expenses Page.

  • All admins are able to view company review expenses but only those setup as a company reviewer will be explicitly notified to review the expenses.


Who can be a reviewer?

  • Team reviewer - Anyone you choose that is a user on Pleo

  • Company reviewer - An Admin or Bookkeeper

What can a team reviewer do in Pleo?

  • Set spending limits for team members

  • Card Management: Enable/Disable cards on behalf of team members

  • Real-time overview of team expenses

  • Review expenses done by members of their team(s)

What if the team reviewer is also the company reviewer. How do we handle this?

  • When they complete the review it will count for both team and company review.

Can you have multiple reviewers in multiple teams?

  • It's only possible to be a member of one team.

  • But a single team can have multiple reviewers.

  • And a reviewer can review multiple teams at the same time.

Can reviewers review their own expenses?

  • No, they won't be able to review their own expenses.

  • However, someone who is a reviewer for one team (e.g., Team 1) can also be a member of a different team (Team 2). In this case, their expenses would be checked by the reviewers of Team 2.

Do reviewers get notified in real time?

  • Every expense that falls within the set threshold will appear instantly in the reviewers' review feed in both web and mobile versions of Pleo.

  • If you have separate thresholds, only one review is mandatory - but all reviewers will see expenses in their feed.

Can I enable team and company review at the same time?

  • You can enable both team and company review but they are not sequential steps, meaning you can enable both review steps or just one. Neither review step has to be completed before the other one. The choice is up to you and your business needs.

  • Its worth noting that when setting up both team and company review, it will mean that out-of-pocket expenses will only be reimbursed after both these two levels of approvals have been completed.

What if the team reviewer and company reviewer review the same expense differently?

  • Below you can see the final status of each possible review combination.

Can't see the reviewers option?

Find out if your pricing plan gives you access to this feature:

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