To see your plan along with any previous and upcoming Billing from Pleo:

  1. On your computer, go to Settings

  2. Go to General

  3. Go to Billing

Your plan

Easily switch between the Free, Team (also known as Pro), and Business (also known as Premium) plans. You are billed for Pleo at the beginning of every month where you pay for your usage prospectively.

  • Before changing your plan, make sure that you understand what features you will be gaining (or losing, in the case of downgrading). Learn what comes with Pleo's different plans.

  • Are you downgrading to the Free plan? If you have more than five users, you will first need to delete the extra users before changing to Free. You are not charged for external bookkeepers; you can invite as many as you want at no cost. Learn how to delete (and invite) users.

  • If you wish to change your plan, click the Change plan button on the right-hand side. Learn more about changing your Billing plan.

  • Click on Show current breakdown to see how many users and physical card orders you're currently paying for, as well as any discounts and VAT charges.

Billing details

Billing contact

If your organisation has multiple admins, it's possible to designate a single admin to be the one to see invoices from Pleo within their Expenses overview.

When a new billing contact is selected, any future invoice from Pleo will appear on that admin’s expense feed. That said, all admins can always see the full payment history in the below section.

Invoice history

Here's where you can see past and upcoming invoices from Pleo and Download any of them as a PDF.

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