Every Pleo user has the ability to freeze their Pleo virtual and plastic cards. This comes handy if you suspect fraudulent activity, can't find your plastic card or have lost it completely. 

Freezing your card as a user

All you need to do is to go to the Pleo app or the web app, click the card icon from the bottom menu on the app, My cards menu from the web app, select the Freeze/Freeze card button and enter your Passcode to confirm.

In order to defrost the card when you deem fit, follow the same steps as above and click the Unfreeze button and confirm with your Passcode.

Freezing a card as an admin

If an admin wants to disable a Pleo card on behalf of their employees, they can easily do so by following these steps : 

  1. Click on People

  2. Select Plastic Cards

  3. Hover over the member and click the black circle icon with three dots

  4. Select the Freeze option and confirm with your Passcode

The card can be easily re-enabled, if needed. Scroll down to the Frozen section under the Plastic Cards tab, hover over the member and click the circle icon, select the Defrost option.

If you are certain that you lost your Pleo card, we suggest you to mark the card as Lost or Stolen after freezing it. This will permanently destroy your Pleo card and is irreversible. If it's a plastic card, the Pleo admin at your company will need to order a replacement card for you. If it's a virtual one, you can activate a new card by clicking the Activate Virtual button.

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