Every Pleo user has the ability to freeze their Pleo cards (virtual and plastic). This comes handy if you suspect fraudulent activity, can't find your plastic card or have lost it completely. 

All one must do is go to "Cards" in the Pleo App and both the virtual and plastic card will have a "Freeze" button to click.

In order to re-enable the card when you deem fit, you can follow the exact same procedure. Except, there will then be an "Enable" tab.

If a Pleo admin wants to disable a Pleo card on behalf of one of their employees, they can easily do so by following these steps : 

  1. In the left hand menu, click on the People section
  2. Scroll over the employee whose card you would like to disable and click on the pencil icon
  3. Find the card you would like to disable and click disable card
  4. Click either temporary disable card or card number has been stolen, depending on the reason you would like to cancel the card
  5. Type in your Passcode for the card and the card will then be disabled

The card can be easily re-enabled, if needed. Just click enable card, type in your Passcode and voila, the card is active again! 

If a plastic Pleo card gets stolen or lost, we suggest you permanently disable it and block it.

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