What is open banking?

  • In the UK, open banking offers the fastest way to get funds into your Pleo Wallet. Instant transfer to Pleo is available 24 hours a day, including weekends. It usually takes just a few minutes for an open banking top-up to appear in Pleo, but it can take up to about an hour.

  • In the Netherlands, open banking is the same as a SEPA Credit Transfer. So while it's not necessarily faster than a manual Wallet top-up, it involves fewer steps. Depending on your bank, an open banking transfer to a Netherlands-based Pleo account can take anywhere from one hour to one business day, and is not supported during evenings or weekends.

How to top up your Wallet using open banking

Admins and bookkeepers with advanced Wallet permissions can go through the following steps:

  1. In the Pleo web app, click on the Wallet page.

  2. Click "Top-up":

  3. For customers in both the UK and the Netherlands, Open banking is the default option you see. Select your bank from the list and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the transfer:

Good to know (UK and the Netherlands):

  • There is a £12,000 / €15,000 limit per open banking top-up (but you can make more than one top-up per day).

  • Please go through the Pleo web app to top up with open banking (going through your online banking instead of Pleo can cause some problems with the transfer reference).

Good to know (UK only):

  • Pleo's recipient details for open banking look different than the transfer details when choosing one of the alternative top-up methods (see below). The reason is that Pleo's open banking account details have 24/7 support, whereas the others are limited to bank days.

  • Currently, Silicon Valley Bank does not support top-ups outside working hours.

  • We sometimes get cases of our customers' banks blocking an open banking top-up. If the funds still haven't come through after more than an hour, please contact your bank.

  • The alternative to open banking is a "regular" transfer to Pleo via Faster Payments and Chaps transfer. Simply follow the same steps as above, switching to a regular transfer by clicking "bank transfer details" at the bottom of the "Select your bank" panel.

Barclays customers:

If you find you have an issue with using Barclays for Open Banking, there are two things to consider:

  1. Barclays Business or Barclays Corporate are the only Barclays options that support open banking. Make sure to select one of these.

  2. If you receive an error after selecting one of the above, you will need to update your third party permissions on barclays.net

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