If your Pleo account is registered in Germany or Spain, you can be among the first of our customers to take advantage of Cashback. This option is great for our customers who have a lot of ongoing costs (travel, raw materials, subscriptions, etc.). This article explains:

  • What Cashback is

  • What Cashback looks like in the Pleo app

  • How to sign up for Cashback

What is Cashback?

With Cashback, your company receives a percentage on the money spent with Pleo cards. Cashback is 0.5%-1%, depending on your Pleo plan (see: How to sign up for Cashback). The cap is the fee for using Pleo. For example, if you pay €35 per month for the Essential plan, the monthly Cashback limit is €35.

Cashback is calculated once per month based on settled card payments. Any pending transactions move to the next month's Cashback calculations.

Cashback does not include funds spent on Invoices, Pocket reimbursements, or similar.

What Cashback looks like in the Pleo app

Cashback will appear in your Pleo Wallet once per month. For example, for settled Pleo card expenses from January, Cashback will be paid out within the first five business days of February. This is assuming that your billing period is from the start to the end of a given month.

Cashback will look the same as a refund, and Pleo will automatically attach a receipt for bookkeeping purposes.

How to sign up for Cashback

Cashback is for you if:

  • Your Pleo account is registered in Germany or Spain.

  • Your Pleo account is on a long-term (e.g., yearly) Essential or Advanced plan.

You won't find a sign-up button for Cashback in the Pleo app. Instead, talk to your account manager about having Cashback added to your Pleo plan.

Don't know who your account manager is? Get in touch at sales@pleo.io or contact our support team.

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