At Pleo, we are here to enable your company to have a one stop solution for all your expenses!

There are 2 types of employee access in Pleo

1. An employee who only has access to mark their out of pocket expenses (Think of the employee who maybe buys 1-2 items a year!)

2. An employee with a Pleo card and simply use pocket for those times they need to take out cash OR had to buy from their own funds. (recommended user version for ease of use)

Your admin can invite both pocket and card users through the People -page.

💵 How to use Pleo as a Pocket user

Once you receive an invite to Pleo and set up your app, you are good to go! So you made a company expense out of pocket - what now?

  1. Log into your Pleo app and click on the + button on the top right.

  2. Add your purchase details in the form and submit.

  3. It's just as easy to get your funds back by a direct reimbursement to your card. You can read more on how to here

Find yourself spending a lot out of pocket? You can always request a card by clicking on the cards icon on mobile app and View admins to let them know.

💳 How to use Pleo as a card user

As a card user, you will create your own virtual card immediately and also receive a plastic card from your admin. You will also have access to the + button to submit any out of pocket expenses or ATM withdrawals if the case arises. We got ya covered!

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