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Why would you grant access to Pocket but not a Pleo card?

For employees who only have minor business expenses come up a handful of times a year, you might prefer to limit their Pleo access to Pocket. This means that they won't have access to a plastic or virtual Pleo card, but they will be able to submit Pocket expenses and reimburse themselves through the Pleo app. Pocket-only team members still count towards the total team member limit of your selected plan.

Please keep in mind that if Pocket is enabled for your Pleo account, it is accessible to all team members. Meaning that cardholders will also have the option to submit Pocket expenses, although this should only come up occasionally (i.e., they forgot their Pleo card or had to pay for a business expense with cash).

How to invite an employee as Pocket-only (aka reimbursement only)

  1. Go to the "People" page in the Pleo web app.

  2. Click "Add member".

  3. Tick the box under "Reimbursement only" and continue the invite process:

If you invite someone as Pocket-only and later decide they need a card:

  1. Go to the "People" page.

  2. Click on the employee.

  3. Click on "Enable Cards":

How to use Pocket

Once you've accepted the invite and have set up your Pleo login credentials, here's how to submit an expense and get reimbursed.

How to use Pleo if you're a cardholder

As a cardholder, you might have access to a virtual Pleo card, a plastic Pleo card, or both! You don't order your plastic card; the admin takes care of that. You will need to activate your card though by pairing it with your account in the Pleo app. Here's how to active your Pleo card(s).

If your admin chooses to turn on the Pocket feature for everyone, you'll also be able to follow the steps linked in the above section.

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