1. Complete the verification

When you have done the registration it is time to verify your company. In the verification you will need to confirm the details of your company and the company’s key people. If you want to know more about what information we require, please read more here.

We will need some time to verify your company, normally 1-2 days. Once the verification is done, we will let you know.

If you have any questions regarding the verification process please contact us on verification@pleo.io

2. Set up your account

We have created a guide to help you, access your Pleo-guide here.

It guides you through the steps that you need to complete to get a successful start with Pleo. Add money to your Pleo Wallet, Connect your accounting system, Invite your team and Order cards. Easy!

2.1 Try out your Pleo card

Here you will view your virtual Pleo card which will be ready to use as soon as you have added funds to your Pleo Wallet. The virtual card can be used for online purchases or together with Apple Pay/Google Pay.

To add funds to your Pleo account click Topup Wallet and you will find your account details. If you want to know more about topping up your account, you can find information here.

2.2 Connect Accounting System

Connect Pleo with one our supported accounting systems and you will get the most comprehensive way to manage your business spending.

Invite a bookkeeper

Is someone else helping you with your accounting? No worries - with Pleo, you have the option to invite someone in a bookkeeper role to focus on your accounting. You can choose between granting them limited or extended rights. Read more about inviting your external bookkeeper here.

Select your accounting system

Pleo works together with most accounting systems through direct API integrations, our Custom Format or one of our premade export files.

Direct integrations

We have direct integrations to Xero, Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which lets you import your Chart of Accounts, projects, and financial dimensions into Pleo. And when you’re ready - You can export data with just one click. Please find more about the integrations through the following links: Xero, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Custom Format

If you do not use any direct integration, you have the option to create your own export format. We have created this feature to enable you to adjust the data to be compatible with every accounting system without having to manually amend your file after exporting. For further guidance on how to set this up please have a look at this guide

Standard Format

Are you not sure what you need for your particular accounting system or maybe you do not use any system at all, then simply choose our Pleo Standard Format. It includes all necessary information that Pleo has gathered about your expenses in an excel sheet.

Create categories and connect them with your chart of accounts

After selecting your accounting system or export format you need to set up categories. This is an essential step that gives you the best possible experience with Pleo.

Categories are valuable to you as an admin, as it will reduce the amount of work you need to do when reviewing expenses. Once categories are created and linked to your chart of accounts, your team can select them when they use their Pleo cards. Read more about adding categories here. We have also prepared a list with example categories that can serve as inspiration while you are setting up your own. Please view it here.

Create Tags in Pleo to add dimensions and track expenses

If you are looking for a better way of organising and tracking your company spending, the Tags feature in Pleo might be what you are looking for. You will be able to assign your expenses to different projects, cost centers locations etc. Please read more about how to set up your tags in Pleo here.

2.3 Invite team and order cards

Time to add your colleagues and place your first card order!

Set spending Limits

When using Pleo, all card holders draw from a central pool account, the Wallet. This means you don't have to worry about allocating funds to individual cards as long as the company wallet is funded. By adding spending limits to your users, you will be able to limit how much each person can spend. Read more about setting limits here.

Invite Your team

Simply invite your colleagues by using their email addresses. There will be an email sent to each team member where they will need to accept the invite. As soon as they have approved the invitation, they will be able to log in to their own Pleo accounts where the virtual card already will be available.

Select who needs a card

Everyone that you invite to Pleo will have access to a virtual card which can be used online, through Apple Pay and Google Pay. Would you like some or all of your colleagues to have physical cards as well? Here you will be able to select which ones that need a physical card.

Confirm Order

Make sure that the address is correct and place your order. It usually takes 5-10 days before the cards get delivered to you but remember that you can already start using your virtual cards.

Top up your wallet with a bank transfer

Have you not topped up your account yet, here is your second chance. As soon as the funds are on your account, you will be able to start spending through your cards.

The setup is færdig, klar, hecho, getan or done as you say in English. Let’s move on to the fun stuff, making your first Pleo purchase!

3. Get started!

You have topped up your account, invited your colleagues, ordered cards and connected Pleo to your accounting system. It is time to try your cards.

3.1 Download the Pleo-app and activate cards

First make sure that all users have downloaded the Pleo-app to their phones. It is through the app that each user activates their own card and manages their own expenses. Please read more about card activation here.

Remember that the users will be able to start using the virtual card instantly even if you are waiting on the physical cards to be delivered.

3.2 Reviewing and exporting expenses

We know that you have just started using Pleo but to prepare you for the upcoming step we briefly want to explain how to review and export your expenses. Please just make sure that you have selected your accounting system or an export format prior to this step.

Here you will find more information on how to export your expenses.

3.3 Some extras

Do you spend money online?

With Fetch, you can automatically capture your online receipts to your Pleo-app. You can read more about Fetch for Outlook and Gmail from the links!

Would you like to organise your Pleo users?

With Teams, you can get better analytics on what different teams are spending. It also gives you another approval level, where a team lead can easily review what their people have been buying with their Pleo cards.

Would you also like to track your expenses made without a Pleo card?

Pleo Pocket is where you keep track of non-card expenses, like cash, out of pocket and mileage expenses. Read more about Pocket and how to set it up here.

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