Your company is verified and new to Pleo, welcome aboard!👋

Our product has so much to offer, but let's start off with the essentials to ensure your success. The below are the necessary and basic steps to get your account set up, with the Pleo guide to help you along the way.

Your checklist

Add funds to your wallet (5 mins)

Add your team & order cards (10 mins)

Set up (15 mins)

Try out your Pleo card (ok that's a 4th - but worth it!)

Top up your wallet

You needs funds in Pleo to use it, here is the best place to start your set up.

  1. Click start on the guide OR Wallet and click Top up

  2. The pop up will show your company's unique bank transfer details.

  3. Pop into your online business banking, use the details provided and transfer your initial amount. Step 1 - complete 👏

  4. Your funds should load within the next few hours. The first transfer takes a little longer as we verify the source of funds.

Need to know ❗️

  • We can only accept funds provided they are sent from a business bank account registered in your company's name in the EEA or UK. We are unable to accept transfers from a personal account or by an e-money institution, such as Revolut or Wise.

  • First transfer nerves? Rest assured we take your fund security seriously and all funds are held in a ring fenced account with our partners meaning no one in Pleo or any other organisation has access to the funds. You can read more here

Invite team and order cards

Time to share the Pleo love with your colleagues and invite them into Pleo.

  1. Click on Start on section 2 on your Pleo guide OR select People → Add member

  2. Simple add in the user email. Have a lot to add? Click add many and copy paste from your user list and continue.

3. Your team members will now receive an email inviting them to Pleo and set up their individual accounts and download the app.

💡 Need to add your bookkeeper? Click PeopleAdd member → bottom of the pop up click 'Give them Access'

4. Select who needs a physical card and click continue on to confirm your delivery address.

Done! Your cards will be with you in 5-7 days. In the meantime, you can always use your virtual card for apple pay or google pay.

Connect your accounting

While waiting for your Pleo wallet to be topped up, the next step is to set up your accounting system.

  1. Click Start in the Pleo guide OR on your profile image, (bottom left) click settings —> Accounting

  2. Select your accounting system by either pre existing integrations OR by is customise your own format.

  3. For direct integrations of Xero, Quickbooks and 365 Business Central, set up easily by clicking through the integration flow and allowing access.

    1. For systems like Sage 50/200 and Dynamics Nav, you can select to use the pre-formatted CSV setting to allow you to export a ready made CSV for uploading.

    2. Custom format allows you to manually tailor your own export format, the in case of no integration available. This is a one time set up, and a full in depth guide here

  4. Set up your standard TAX codes (only for CSV templates and custom format)

Accounting system set up done, now let's merge your chart of accounts with Pleo categories for easy expense management and bookkeeping.

  1. You will be greeted by category groups where you amend spending types, these are based on merchant categories under Mastercard, for example a restaurant will be categorised under 'Meals & Drinks'

  2. Click on the arrow at right the icon and select your Type, ie. Meals and Drinks

  3. Click Add Category

  4. Fill in Account (nominal/account code), Name (eg. Client Meals) and Tax code (ie. 20%)

  5. You have the option to use our example sheet here

All set, what now?

When your team makes a purchase, the app prompts them to upload the receipt, and select the category name. In the background Pleo automatically applies the account/nominal code and Tax code, ready for your bookkeeping.

Last step - Create Tags

Add an extra dimension to your expense information like projects, job codes or locations.

  1. Click Create group → Name

  2. You have 3 options

    1. Upload from a spreadsheet

    2. Import from Xero or quickbooks (if applicable)

    3. Create manually

  3. Once created your employees will be able to select the tag to an expense so you can keep track on what you spend per tag group.

Still got time?

Download the Pleo mobile app and create virtual card

  1. In the Pleo mobile app, click on the card icon

  2. Select the virtual card (yellow)

  3. Tap Activate card and enter your passcode or use biometrics - Done!

  4. If you use the web page: Click on My cards --> Unlock my card and enter your passcode

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