Different time zones on expenses
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When you are working with expenses in Pleo, you will notice that sometimes you have an expense that appears under a different date than how it appears in your accounting software.

This is because there are two time zones depending on which functionality you are using in Pleo.

For the Export menu, the settled time is based on the local time. However when you export your expenses or download a balance statement, the settled time is converted into UTC.

Just to give you an example, let's say there is an expense with time zones as follows.

  • Settled on the 31st of July, 10:30PM in UTC

  • Settled on the 1st of August, 12:30AM in CET

The above expense will be shown under the 31st of July in your accounting software or when you download a balance statement. However if you are sitting in CET and looking at the Export menu, it will appear under the 1st of August.

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