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What to do if your physical card is about to expire
What to do if your physical card is about to expire

No need to do anything. We'll automatically send you a new card one month before the expiration date.

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Does Pleo send out a new card before our my old one expires?

Yes, Pleo keeps track of your physical card's expiry dates so that you don't need to worry about it. A month before your physical card expires, we will send you a new one.

Which address will you send the cards to and can I change it?

By default, we always send the cards to the same delivery address used in your last card order. If you would like us send the cards to a different address, please contact our Customer Support Team on,

Am I being charged for the replacement card?

No, your replacement card is sent free of charge.

Where can I check the expiry date of my card?

As a regular user in Pleo, you can check the expiry date for your cards in the app on your smartphone. Just click on the card icon and swipe left.

As a Pleo admin, you can check the expiry date of all your cards by heading to the People menu on your web app and click on Physical cards.

How do I renew my virtual card?

Simply click on the Activate Virtual button in the mobile app and you will be guided through the process with just a few clicks.

Please notice that no confirmation email will be sent out. The cards will be automatically ordered and delivered to you.

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