What "pending" means for card expenses

All you need to know about pending expenses

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In Pleo, some transactions have a small label next to them that says "Pending".

This means the transaction has been authorised for that amount, but it is still awaiting the merchant's confirmation or reversal and the amount can change once it is settled. This is a normal practice for all credit/debit cards, and so although Pleo makes the process a lot more visible it is nothing to worry about!

A pending transaction can occur in the following scenarios:

  • When you use your Pleo card on e.g. petrol, hotels, or rental cars, certain merchants may ask us to authorise the transaction before you have completed the purchase. In such cases, it serves like a security deposit. When the transaction is finalised and settled, the amount will likely change and be deducted from your Pleo wallet balance. Such transaction can be pending for up to 30 days.

  • When the transaction on your Pleo card is pending further processing. In most of the cases, transactions are processed overnight and will be completed in the following business day. However, sometimes it can take a few days for the merchant to complete the transaction; in this case purchases will appear as pending until the transaction is completed, or for up to five days.

  • Certain merchants such as Uber or DriveNow may authorise small charges to your card to test the response and make sure the card account is legitimate. These authorisations will be reversed and the money will never leave your account, however this may take a few days to disappear depending on how and when the merchant processes the reversal.

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