You may have noticed while shopping online with your Pleo card that more and more webshops now require 3-D secure.

3-D secure, also known as Mastercard SecureCode, is a fraud prevention measure, an extra layer of security for payment cards where an authentication step is added. 

To complete the purchase successfully, you normally have to enter a unique verification code, such as a secret password or a code sent to your phone. 

But if you have received one of our new Pleo credit cards, all you need to complete the purchase is your phone and the Pleo app (it has to be 2.19.0 or a later version). 

The next time you try to make a purchase online where 3-D Secure is required, you will receive a push notification from us, asking you to approve the purchase.

To approve the purchase, simply click on the push notification and click on Approve purchase as shown below:

If you don't receive a push notification, you can also just log into the Pleo app on your phone and complete the steps. But for the smoothest process, we highly recommend enabling push notifications. 

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