As an admin or bookkeeper you can split expenses into multiple line items across your tax rates and account numbers.

How to split an expense

  1. Head to Export

  2. Open the details of an expense and hover your cursor over the area of the category and tax rate

  3. You should then see a Split option appearing. Click on it to split the chosen transaction.

  4. Export to see the resulting split of the expense in your accounting system.

Good to know

  • Splitting an expense you'll be presented with a top line and an empty second line

  • The top line represents the original expense in terms of amount, category and tax rate chosen

  • The category and tax rate of the second and any additional lines will mimic whatever the top line shows on the time of new line creation

  • Inputting an amount in any new line will automatically draw from the amount in the top line

  • The top line amount can't be edited

  • If you delete a line we will add back the amount of this line to the top line amount

  • Deleting the entire split puts the expense back to it's original state

  • If anyone else in the company changes the category of a split expense, this will change the category of the top line.

  • On export the expense will be split up in multiple lines all with the same receipt number and additional data. Only amount, category/account number and tax (amount, code, rate depending on format) will vary depending on your changes made.

The following exports support splitting expenses



SIE file


Sage 50

Sage 200



Generic format

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