Our Categories feature allows employees to assign expenses to a line in your chart of accounts and pre-select a tax code, without even knowing they are doing it.

Here is how you set it up:

  • Head to "Settings - Categories"
  • You will be greeted by 9 main categories set by Mastercard, these are not editable
  • Under each category you can create as many sub-categories as you would like, see example below
  • The end user will then be able to choose the sub-category when making an expense report. Tip: make the names of the sub-categories as logical and simple as possible so your users know what to choose.

Bookkeeping purposes

As you can see, the category is attached to a nominal code and a tax rate - this is all done to save you time in the bookkeeping. When exporting, the right nominal code and tax rate will be applied. 

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