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Setting up the NetSuite integration
Setting up the NetSuite integration

Learn how to set up and administrate the NetSuite integration for a seamless exporting experience

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Before you get started

Before you can set up the integration, the following accounts need to be created in NetSuite:




Pleo Bank Wallet

To track transactions made with Pleo Cards and Pleo wallet.

Bank Account

Pleo out-of-pocket Account

To track any out-of-pocket expenses or reimbursements made by employees

Other Current Liability

Pleo External Reimbursement Account

To track any reimbursements made outside of the Pleo's direct Reimbursements functionality

Other Current Liability

You can create these accounts by navigating to Setup > Accounting > Chart of Accounts > New

Connecting Pleo to NetSuite

  1. Reach out to your customer success manager to get access to the Pleo for NetSuite App

  2. When you have received the access, Go to Accounting in the Pleo app

  3. Select NetSuite in the list of Popular systems and confirm

  4. You'll be redirected to install the Pleo for NetSuite app

  5. Within NetSuite, click on Connect > Authorise Pleo and NetSuite for transfer of data

Setting up the accounts

You can set up the accounts within NetSuite by following these steps: Transactions > Pleo > Dashboard > click on the edit pencil to connect the accounts.

Setting up your tax codes, categories and tags

You can apply VAT in Pleo by creating a tax code and attaching it to a specific category.

  1. Head to NetSuite > Transactions > Pleo > Dashboard.

  2. Click on “Data Mapping Information” on the Pleo dashboard inside NetSuite.

  3. Find your Tax codes:

    • Select “Tax Codes”

    • Map NetSuite Internal ID to “Code”

    • In the tax code table, add all the VAT rates

    • Head to the Categories tab and assign a tax code to each category

  4. Find your categories:

    • Select “Chart of Accounts”

    • Map NetSuite Internal ID to “Account”

  5. Find your tags

    • Select either “Classes” or”Departments” or “Locations”

    • Download the list and upload it on Pleo

    • Repeat the process for other options (Classes, Departments and Locations)

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