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If your organisation has a new bank account
If your organisation has a new bank account

Already using Pleo but recently changed business bank accounts? Here's what to do for manual and automatic Wallet top-ups.

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If you top up your Pleo Wallet manually

If you normally send funds to Pleo via manual bank transfer, then you don't need to do anything when you change your bank account. The only requirement is that the organisation name registered to your new bank account matches the name of your organisation's Pleo account. The first time you manually top-up your Pleo Wallet from the new bank account, it will take up to 24 hours longer than normal for the funds to show up. Once we've cleared your new bank account, future top-ups will work as fast as normal.

If you use auto top-up

If your organisation is based in the UK or a euro currency country:

  • Please complete a manual top-up from your new bank account. Our team will take up to 24 hours extra to clear your new account as the approved source of funds.

  • Remove the existing direct debit agreement agreement:

    1. Go to the Wallet page.

    2. Click "Manage Wallet":

    3. Click "Direct Debit".

    4. Click "Cancel Agreement":

  • After you delete the old agreement, you will be prompted to set up a new auto top-up agreement. Your new bank account will automatically appear in the dropdown menu as soon as it's been approved. So you can select it for your new auto top-up agreement, as in this example:

If your organisation is based in Denmark:

Please cancel your current auto top-up agreement here and then submit a new one here. When asked for a "aftaleleverandørnummer" (English: supplier number), please enter Pleo's CVR number, which is 36538686.

If your organisation is based in Sweden:

Please cancel the autogiro agreement for your old bank account (your former bank will need to help you with this). Once done, please set up a new agreement with your new bank.

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