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Getting started with Pleo: three steps for employees
Getting started with Pleo: three steps for employees

Accept the invite, activate your card, and make your first Pleo purchase!

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Welcome to Pleo! If you're reading this, it's likely that you've recently received an email invite to join your company's Pleo account. This article explains three key steps for getting started:

  • How to accept the invite

  • How to activate your Pleo card

  • How to pay with your Pleo card and attach a receipt

How to accept the invite

The person who invites you to Pleo is the account admin. Here's what to do once you've received the invite to your work email:

  1. Click the "Join your team" button in the email invite.

  2. Next, click "Continue on web."

  3. Set up your passcode and two-factor authentication method.

  4. Download the Pleo mobile app (available for iOS and Android). You'll be able to log in with the same credentials you've just set up.

How to activate your Pleo card

Just like sending out invites, the Pleo admin takes care of ordering plastic cards. They'll organise for someone to deliver the cards in person at the office, or delivered to your home address if you work remotely. Before you start using your plastic card though, it's up to you to pair it with your Pleo app.

  1. Go to the "My cards" section and follow the on-screen instruction.

    Here's what it looks like in the web app:

    And in the mobile app:

  2. Click the "Show PIN" button to view your card pin (not to be confused with the passcode you set up for logging into your account). It's not possible to change your pin code, but you can always view it in the Pleo app if you forget what it is.

  3. It's also possible to activate a virtual card. A virtual card can be used for online purchases and subscriptions.

  4. Both your plastic and virtual cards can be used with Google Pay or Apple Pay.

How to pay with your Pleo card and attach a receipt

  1. Whenever you pay in-store Pleo card, you will immediately receive a notification reminding you to take a photo of the paper receipt and add any extra info (e.g., the project that the expense is lined to).

  2. If you've made an online purchase with a Pleo card, you can add a digital receipt by attaching the file from your camera roll or uploading it from your computer.

  3. "Tags" help accountants organise spending according to cost type (travel, meals, etc.). No worries if you're not sure which Tag(s) to choose. You can always ask a manager or colleague, then add the Tag(s) later.

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