More and more employees need a wide range of tech to work effectively, whether that’s basic communication systems or job-specific tools. It’s so easy to sign up for most Software as a Service (SaaS) tools, that people can change regularly. It’s empowering for bosses and workers, as productivity goes up and a spirit of innovation is fostered. But for financial teams, it can be a lot less fun.

Pleo's Subscriptions Overview

Our Subscriptions Overview pulls together all of your team’s recurring payments in one place.

No more duplicate subscriptions. No more wondering who pays for what.

It’ll empower your people to sign up for the tools they need, while admins get a full overview of every subscription.

We really hope this helps Pleo users to save money and feel like they’ve got a grip on their subscription spending, across all teams.

How it works

Pleo will automatically centralise all of your subscriptions under the Subscriptions tab. We use a calculation in our data with multiple data points that captures your subscriptions. In the subscriptions tab you will be able to see how much has been spent for a chosen period of time on your different subscriptions. Are you missing a subscription? Please open the in-app chat to talk with us or send an email to

To access Subscriptions you need to be a Pleo Admin:

Can't see this feature?

Find out if your pricing plan includes access to subscriptions:

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