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Handling Missing or Lost Receipts
Handling Missing or Lost Receipts

Learn what to do if you are missing or have lost a receipt

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Since all purchases made with Pleo cards are business related, you always need a photo of the original receipt for tax purposes.
If you forgot to ask for a paper receipt when you used your Pleo card in-store, or if you lost the receipt, it's a good idea to let the admin of your Pleo account know. That way, your company can decide what to do in such a case.

Here's how you can let the admin know:

  • Click on the specific expense in the mobile or web version of the Pleo app.

  • Click on Missing a receipt?

  • In the note, let your admin know what you purchased along with any other relevant info.

  • Admins automatically receive an email from Pleo each Monday notifying them about any missing receipts.

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