How Pleo handles the digitisation of paper receipts (for customers in Portugal)

What is the regulation on the digitisation of receipts in Portugal?

According to the Portuguese VAT Code and Decree DL 28/2019, invoices and other tax-relevant documents issued or received in paper form can be digitised and stored in their electronic form in Portugal by a third-party provider such as Pleo, provided a series of technical requirements are met:

  • ? Readability requirements meaning that the digital image is a complete copy of the original paper receipt;

  • ? Unrestricted access requirements and use throughout the mandatory retention period, both for the user or any regulator that would require access;

  • ?Non-modification requirements and safeguarding, including a unique identification number (this is also called a checksum) to ensure there is no loss of information or alteration of all document records;

  • ? Searchability requirements, including digitising the images sequentially, to make it easy to find and identify the digitised receipts; and

  • ? Storage requirements within the European Union throughout the mandatory 10-year retention period as well as easy export functions.

If the requirements outlined above are followed and your organisation is based in Portugal, you may then throw away your digitised paper receipts.

Our efforts to ensure regulatory compliance

✅ Pleo is fully compliant with the digitisation regulation in Portugal. 

Our solution meets the technical requirements to be a compliant third-party dematerialisation and archiving provider. According to the local regulation in Portugal, we provide cloud-based storage within an EU Member State and store your digital records for a period of 10 years.

Pleo allows you to take pictures of physical receipts directly within the Pleo App, upload receipts from the camera roll on your mobile device and/or upload receipts directly into the web application. Our solution is also set up in a way that ensures your receipts cannot be modified, enhanced or in any other way interfere with the original picture of the receipt/invoice during the digitisation process or during the subsequent storage period in our electronic archive.


Is Pleo compliant with the digitisation regulation in my country?

Pleo has a fully compliant solution according to the local rules in Portugal. We’ve implemented the necessary technical requirements that enable us to guarantee the integrity and legibility of electronic archives throughout their retention period.

Can I throw away receipts with Pleo? 

Yes, say goodbye to your paper receipts once you’ve digitised them!

How does this apply to e-invoices and email receipts that are captured by Fetch?

The same requirements apply to the archiving of e-invoices.

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